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>> FAQ's
Is there any shop of  Nagpure Paithani in yeola ?
NO, Nagpurepaithani only manufacturing unit in yeola. All the saree made in that unit will be available in Mumbai.

Q Is paithani saree's are made in yeola only ?

YES, in yeola where ever you go you will see only handmade paithani sarees.We don't make other than this type of sarees.

* Banaras Silk
* Gadwal Silk
* Patola Silk
* Peshwai Silk
* Chanderi Silk   
* Handloom Pure Silk
* Dupion & Art Silk
* Maheshwari / Induri  
* Gadwal Cotton / Siko
* Designer Sarees
* Cotton Sarees  
* 9 Yard Cotton
* 9 Yard Silk
* UPTO Rs.500/-
* Rs.500/- Rs.1000/-
* Rs.1000/- Rs.2000/-

Q Do you'll have south produced paithani's sarees ?

YES, we have all types of paithani sarees; including south paithani. All kinds of south paithani sarees is available.

Q Can I order an extra blouse for the paithani ?
YES, we can provide extra piece for paithani .

Q How do I get fall and picko done for a saree ?
Fall and picko for a saree is a complimentery service from NAGPURE PAITHANI no extra charge.
Q Yeola paithani vs/ BANGLORE - DHARMAVARAM - BANARAS VARIANTS ? Paithani saree for its demand and admiration but more importanty due to its value are manufactured on semi automatic and powerloom in HYDERABAD , BANGLORE AND BANARAS. They look more intricate and with attractive colours. Ability of CAD - CAM enhances details and thus attract most customers at first look. Looking at quick money.Most sellers/dealers will not tell you the truth. Look for too precise symmetry and minute details which are characteristics of machine made paithani besides the rear appearance.

Q How to guess yeola paithani ?
The key element of paithani is its completely hand - woven border and pallu - woven between the weft and warp threads it creates almost mirror image of face design at the reverse side of the saree. This is the first distinction from machine - made ( powerloom ) paithani's where a mesh of threds in the reverse are visible .

Q What are return policies at Nagpure Paithani ?
We guarantee each and every paithani we includes our assurance of return,exchange provided it is not altered & tempered with.your satisfaction is our profit and will make every effort to earn it.

Q How to take care of real paithani ?
Change folds after every use. Don't use prerfum directelly. Protect during monsoon from dump weather. Do not iron , roll press if necessary. Expose to sunlight once every six months provide good air circulation when in storage. Don't use naphthalene bolls or chemical to protect from insects. Drop few cloves around to avoid insects. Never use plastic or regular cardboard boxes to store. Do not direct use hangers wrap in muslin cloth. Store in wooden chest or wooden cupboard.

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